About Us

In 1984, John’s family became managing partners of a log home company based in a small town in Montana. At an early age, John began cleaning sawdust from the operations facilities, and helping out as log homes were constructed. He worked after school, on weekends, and during the summer in order to save money to attend college. In 1991, at the age of 16, John made his first, of many, trips to Japan to assist in the construction of log homes. He continued to build log homes, custom homes and worked on remodel projects throughout his entire High School and College years.

In 1999, he graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in Accountancy. Knowing that his passion was in the construction industry, John began working for a privately owned national builder in California as a Customer Service Representative. His integrity and work ethic rewarded him with numerous achievements throughout his career in the production home building business. In 2007, John decided to pursue other aspects of the construction industry and began working for a company building apartments in the Northern California area. His desire was to learn more about the construction industry and further his career within a large organization. John quickly realized that his true passion was being able to interact with customers that were building or remodeling their dream home.

With a true understanding of treating customers with respect and the passion for helping people see their dreams become reality, John decided to start HJK Construction. John believes that treating customers like he wants to be treated will be the key to our success.